Custom Shop

A little background on our custom shop:

At AZ Studio Workstations, we use our years of furniture craftsmanship expertise to create solid, durable workstations. And with our state-of-the-art CAD software system capabilities and CNC technology, we are able to offer limitless custom options from design to any specific measurements and requirements you may have. The custom options truly are limitless. Dream studios really do come true!

What makes an AZ Studio Workstations the best choice?

Simple. We really do provide custom options tailored to your specific requirements & needs.

Our Process:

Let’s start with materials:

At AZ Studio Workstations, we use a variety of high quality materials to create solid and durable workstations:

  • Laminates

  • Woods

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Exotic Veneers

  • Powder Coated Finishes

Designing your dream workstation:

We make designing your dream studio desk quite easy. Simply let us know the layout of your studio, equipment going on the desk, any specific measurements or design requests, and we’ll create a mockup rendering of your studio desk for your approval, making adjustments along the way until we’ve got the perfect desk you’ve been searching for!

Manufacturing & Lead time:

Once we’ve got a desk designed approved we are ready to start manufacturing. Accuracy is crucial, which is why we use innovating CNC technology and our decades of wood working expertise to build studio furniture that will far exceed your expectations. Lead time for custom orders varies from project to project, but typically range from 2-4 weeks.

More custom options:

  • Customizable and adjustable tray to accommodate a wide variety of keyboards, (so you’ll never run out of notes)

  • Racks with plenty of space for your rack gear equipment

  • Cable Management Systems and Grommet Holes to keep wiring organized and provide a clean work surface

  • Ergonomic Design for your comfort and workflow.

  • Adjustable sit-stand legs are another great option.

  • Compact Design to make it all fit just right.

We build, create, and design any type of studio furniture any way your want it. Using luxuries such as fascinating exotic veneers, high quality woods, and flawless finishes, we strive to create unique, innovating workstations for your studio.